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NIS-CF/P100Spare Filament And Cloths 4 inchesToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar
NIS-CF/P200Spare Filament and Cloths 8 inches ToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar
NIS-CF/P300Spare Filament and Cloths 12 inches ToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar
NIS-P100Impluse Sealer 150W 4 inches 220VACToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar
NIS-P200Impulse Sealer 300W 8 inches 220VACToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar
NIS-P300Impulse Heat Sealer 400WToolsImpulse SealersNorthstar